EasySCP 2.0.2 Released

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    • EasySCP 2.0.2 Released

      We are excited to announce the release of EasySCP 2.0.2 Build 20170427.

      Some of the new features in this version are:
      • Improved: Some bug fixes
      • Update: phpMyAdmin to version

      The following operating systems are fully supported:
      • CentOS 6
      • Debian 6
      • Debian 7
      • Debian 8
      • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
      • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

      We would like to thank our community for all the support. We are constantly looking for developers, translators and maintainers for the various distros supported by EasySCP.
    • Hi,

      as i wrote in Post 2, update is only supported from the Final Release of EasySCP 2.0.0 (Build 20160821 and newer).

      Maintenance mode will automaticaly startet, if your database schema is to old, e.q. older or RC Releases of EasySCP, to prevent system from data loss.

      The only way to fix them is currently from the console. If you send me a pm with more inforamtions, i can fix it for you.
    • New

      I updated from 2.0.0 Build 20160122 to 2.0.0 Build 20160821 and after that i have started the update to 2.0.2 like described above. After the output "Starting EasySCP Controller" the script didn't come back to the console. I can login to the EasySCP and under "Serverstatus" i could see that the Controller and Daemon are running. So i have left the Update-Script with CTRL-C to come back to the console. Now i can't see any error. The EasySCP seems to work correctly.

      Is there something i should check now or should everything be fine?
    • New

      Same problem here:

      Source Code

      1. sh easyscp-update.sh
      2. Stopping EasySCP Controller
      3. Stopping EasySCP Daemon
      4. Using Ubuntu. Please wait.
      5. Build the Software
      6. Copy required files to your system
      7. Clean the temporary folders
      8. Starting AutoLoader subprocess.
      9. Loading smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php
      10. Finished AutoLoader subprocess.
      11. Starting AutoLoader subprocess.
      12. Loading smarty_internal_templatelexer.php
      13. Finished AutoLoader subprocess.
      14. Starting AutoLoader subprocess.
      15. Loading smarty_internal_templateparser.php
      16. Finished AutoLoader subprocess.
      17. Starting AutoLoader subprocess.
      18. Loading smarty_internal_compilebase.php
      19. Finished AutoLoader subprocess.
      20. Starting AutoLoader subprocess.
      21. Loading smarty_internal_write_file.php
      22. Finished AutoLoader subprocess.
      23. Starting EasySCP Controller
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      I pressed Control-C. Is it finished yet?