SPAM handling in v2.1

    • SPAM handling in v2.1

      In 1.x I handled my SPAM with MAIA Mailguard that uses a "slightly modified" SPAMASSASSIN. Since my new Install requires a new SPAMASSASSIN, this app is essencially out. It has not been updatet for a long time anyhow.

      It seems that the EasySCP 2.x way is to use MAILASSASSIN together with SIEVE and the MANAGESIEVE plugin in Roundcube.

      However, I have no success with this. The plugin is listed within Roundcube, but the app hangs if I try to do something. Internally I get an 500 Server Error and a PHP error on the host:

      Source Code

      1. cot: imap( Error: stat(/var/mail/virtual/ failed: Not a directory

      ".dovecot.sieve" is a symlink to -> "sieve/managesieve.sieve" This is a file not a directory, so "./tmp" leads nowhere

      I had to replace the included roundcube 1.1.x against "the latest" 1.3.3 t get it running on Debian 9. So this may be a reason.

      The SPAMs stream in happily in the mean time with no hint that they have passed any of the installed filters - probably because these ar not acitive on the account as a result of the above problem.

      Has anyone been more successful on this topic? Any idea what knobs I have to turn to get it running?

      Does the symlink should point to "sieve" instead? Where did SymLink this originate?