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  • We can manage diverse and complex applications at a lower cost and with a faster response time. We help organizations to continuously reinvent their existing application for new functionality and requirements and meet their IT goals. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field help us to reduce the operation cost and the defect count significantly.
    • Application affinity assessment
    • Product evaluation
    • Internalization and localizations of web applications
    • Speed enhancement
    • Debugging and Error Tracking
    • Comprehensive backend support
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Product Deployment
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  • OpenTeQ modernizes your application development by bringing together with agility, architecture, APIs, and cloud services, as opposed to traditional and standard applications used by many organizations. We have a user-specific approach that matches the need of your organization and brings you an enhanced user experience.
    • Focusing upon high quality and custom ideation, architecture while developing a custom mobile application.
    • Fostering efficient and seamless collaboration and communication between operations, engineering, and product development to bring the result that exceeds your expectations.
    • Internalization and localizations of web applications
    • A mobile application that runs on all platforms (Android and iOS)
    • Increased product performance, faster speed, high-end security
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  • Every organization is transforming its heritage portfolios to flexible and modular applications. Developing Omni- Channel solutions can connect any business with its customers across mobile devices and screens. OpenTeQ leverages the power of mobile engineering expertise and the best practices of all the platforms to provide unmatched user experience through application development.
    User-focused design strategy from expert product development and design team
    Technology and innovation consulting for in-depth market and competition understanding
    Custom mobile development on Android or iOS platforms, building cross-platform Apps
    Multi-phase app testing to ensure quality and faster development
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