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  • Just added a pull request on the github repository, my gui was dying on reseller_add.php, i debugged it and finally found it was because php7.0-mbstring was not installed. Hope it helps! Best regards! Leo

  • Ok, i finally found what the problem was, after debugging a bit, the daemon log was throwing SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1819 Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements So, digging on the error, i found the problem was the validate password plugin. I chose to disable it when installing easyscp and then the setup was smooth.

  • Just the topic, i install the required packages following the README inside the docs/Ubuntu dir, then go to the web ui setup, i fill all the info, and it always breaks on that same point. While installing the required packages, when arrived to the powerdns setup mysql backend, i chose "No" Any clues? i don't even know how to debug it, would i know more details about where's the code that generates the powerdns setup i could fix it myself. Best regards!