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  • On Easyscp 2.1.0 , last version , on Debian 9 , I can't export any database from pma The message is tipycal : This page isn’t working x.y.z.w is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 The page is x.y.z.w/pma/export.php . The export.php file is ok , and is in the right directory. I have this problem on multiple sites (diferent IP ) , different implementation of EasySCP , same version 2.1.0

  • Hi !I want to migrate a platform Debian 8/EasySCP 2.0.2 build: 20170427 to Debian 9 (with the recent version EasySCP 2.1.0) . I run the installer script (after I put the 2 keys in config.xml).After that I try to import easyscp database (exported from the old server) with pma on the new server.What is happened : 1. I can not import file .sql bigger than 8 MB. I try to modify parameters (post_max_size , upload_max_filesize,memory_limit) in php.ini (all of them ) /etc/easyscp/php/working/master.php…

  • It works fine , seems won't be any problem.Thank's again !

  • Thank you very much ! Next week I will try the migration and if I will have any problems I send you a pm. Thank's again and have a nice weekend !

  • Task:Migrating from EasySCP 2.0.2 build 20170427 on Debian 8.10 to EasySCP 2.1.0 (last) on new machine Debian 9 (stretch) . i've been reading this post threads ( and not only) about migration.My worry is about mail users and passwords , I won't to create them manually. Above you explain how to...What is mean "deposit the KEY / IV of the old server BEFORE the installation in the config.xml (in the setup folder)" , copy from easyscp-keys.conf, from old EasySCP 2.0.2 (DB_PASS_KEY and DB_PASS_IV) an…