server overzetten

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    • server overzetten

      ok got it what i posted is not the way to do it.
      but this is the way no one understands so maybe you can be more specific
      1. how
      2. wich ones
      3. how
      4. that i can understand
      why not a complete manual for dummy's somewhere
      i see howto's for installing not uninstalling
      i see howto's for migrate to new versions
      i dont see howto for a complete import from the pannel

      ShadowJumper wrote:


      you import you data in a wrong order.

      1.) Import DB with changed data (e.q. ip adresses).

      2.) Set the status of all Domains, Subdomains, Alias, Mail Accounts to "toadd".

      3.) Run the RequestManager from the console "/var/www/easyscp/engine/easyscp-rqst-mngr"

      4.) Import www and mail data into the new created folders.
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    • Hi,

      the way on the old versions are not so easy, thats right. But a person who runs a server on the internet should be have some experiences, if they does not want to run into trouple (e.g. hacking your server). And they have anough exp to copy some files from on server to another.

      I know that no free server control panel have a "one click" solution for this behavior.

      The problem is most the same: The devs don´t need them (most of them have there own way/scripts), and the users that should want them are not willing to help the devs.

      I´m working on a more easier way for 2.x.x version, but without help it has not the first priority on my side.
    • thnx for the answer

      i am not asking for a script i am asking for a how to

      just simple and basic commands for :
      making a backup from all databases
      installing the databases on the new server
      changing the ip in the database and where to look for
      what files where to find and
      where to put them back again

      things about the ownership and chmodding files

      and then answering : But a person who runs a server on the internet should be have some experiences
      come on man thats no answer thats, dodging the bullet, cover your ass, etc etc etc etc

      simple things like this would already be very usefull now we are searching our ass of on the web

      Source Code

      1. mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > alldb.sql

      Source Code

      1. mysql -u root -p < alldb.sql

      well anyway you can delete this or move it because i wrote it in english so you would better understand it
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    • Hi,

      to say it with an adage "why you want to reinvent the wheel".

      On the internet there are about 1 million tutorials about how to backup/restore a mysql database. I does not know why peoples like you want the 1 million and one tutorial with the same info :huh:

      We can wrote tutorials with all the info, that stand on the internet, but then we does not have any time to do something other.

      This is what i mean with "A lot of users want all info on a silver plate, but no one will help us do to this".

      Feel free to change, if you think other projects are not also frustrated about users that only have receivables without helping the project.....
    • i know what you mean when you say no one helps out but thats the way the world turns andnothing can be done against it.

      anyway this is not about sql databases backups
      this is about my server update or anyone's server update
      so now i need to backup everything and bring it on the new server
      so thats why i say maybe interesting to create a how to for retrieving all the files you need to make it work on the new server

      and no i dont feel for it to use another pannel i asked you upfront before i started to use this pannel how about support
      you told me that you would support it and thats why i trusted you and started using this pannel
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    • So,

      than i will ask in another way: When you used as you say ispCP 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 for a long time, how you do the same when switching to another server with ispCP ?(

      On ispCP there also no "One Click" tool for migrate from one server to another. So how you do this in the past. And EasySCP 1.1.x works in the same way as ispCP.

      With 2.0 we will have a better way, but 2.0 is not finished at the moment.

      As i say often "No one likes to wrote a tutorial for that, so this is the reason why we can´t give it to you.....
    • when i switched from ispcp i had todo it one by one
      i had to change alot of things in the database from every website
      i lost alot of data and it took me days
      i even had to redo a couple of websites

      i can understand that its not easy to make a howto migrate
      but there must be something you guys can do
      i think alot of people will be very happy when you make such a thing

      have you seen the views of these threads
      446 + 1391 vieuws so there are alot of people who are watching this
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