restore backup

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    • restore backup

      easy scp makes a backup from every site ofcourse located in the backup dir
      how can i restore the backups in easyscp2.0.0

      Mmmmm in the old versions there is the function in tools
      i see that the client/backup.php in 2.0.0 is still present but not in the panel/tools Why ?

      no migration script :(
      no backup restore function :(
      i hope you can help me with restoring backups otherwise its a crime to migrate all sites

      8) wt nx mr lr snl 8)

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    • Hi,

      the "backups" are only tar files. You can directly extract them to destination dir (or open it with mc). And the sql dumps can be importet via phpmyadmin.

      The 1.1.x make the same but over gui, thats right. But it also only extract the tar files to web dir, nothing more. No sql import, no data/user restoration. Because of the fact that a working backup is more important as a nice gui to extract them to the web dir, we first make a better backup functions (with more than only one backup as it is in 1.1.x).