ssl bug ??

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    • is it me or ??
      when i add a ssl certificate on 1 site it works good
      as soon as i add a ssl certificate on another domain it acts weird

      the certificate was for another domain it says
      it sends me to that other domain when i click on a page

      so this is what i do:

      domain 1 add the cert enable the ssl and it works perfect
      domain 2 add the cert enable the domain and it says its not isseud for that domain when i go to that domain anyway i go from home page to another page and it sends me to domain number 1 ;(
      disable ssl on domain number 1 and domain number 2 works perfect

      yes i have two certs so that is not the problem
      the problem is i can only activate 1 domain

      is it me or is it a bug and are there others who have multiple domains with a cert on theire server ?
      shoot me i dont know whats going on

      fresh install debian wheezy
      fresh install easyscp 2.0.0
      8) wt nx mr lr snl 8)
    • Hi,

      yes this is a bug. I does not have this bug, because i allways use a ssl certificate for the panel also.

      If you does not use an certificate for the panel, it does not make an needed entry for port 443 in the master conf.

      You can put them manualy inside the 00_master.conf.

      You need

      Source Code

      1. NameVirtualHost YourIP:443
      for IPv4 and

      Source Code

      1. NameVirtualHost [YourIPv6]:443
      if you also use IPv6.

      Then multiple ssl zertificates will work.
    • What do you mean it does not write the master in sites-available?

      Currently you have an option to add a certificate to the master and other certificates to the domains. If you want to use the same (wildcard) certificate for each domain and the master, you need to add the same certificate to each domain/the master.

      If there is an issue when adding certificates for each single domain this indeed is a bug. But if you want to add the certificate at one place and it should be used for all domains and subdomains it is just not implemented.

      Kristallkugel verloren, Karten legen hilft auch nicht? Dann brauche ich mehr Informationen (Distribution, Version EasySCP, ...). Als Alternative kann vielleicht Mike Shiva dein Problem mit EasySCP lösen (Dies bezweifle ich jedoch sehr stark. Also spar dir das Geld und liefere mehr Informationen).