No input file specified

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    • No input file specified

      I get a strange failure
      For all new users I get the error message above "No input file specified" when trying to open php projects, like wordpress or mediawiki.
      Something seems to be strange with the apache/php-fcgi/suexec configuration.
      Might an update on my Debian Buster have overwritten maybe something of EasySCP?
      Super strange is that in the same moment an old web is running with Mediawiki.

      The old web runs as vu2002
      In the Webroot I see the wiki is with 775 and has vu2002 as user and group everywhere
      The new user has in the wiki-folder the same with vu2008

      To come closer, I did already following:
      In /var/www/fcgi I even copied the domain/php/php.ini from the old to the new and changed all pathnames to the right ones
      Made apt dist-upgrade

      I don't see the difference - how could I figure that out?
      Kind Regards,
    • Oh dear, I've searched 2 days and after my post here I've found it immediately.
      It's not too uninteresting for here, because my mistake is a bit related to EasySCP (migration)

      I've migrated those new webs over the commandline from server to server by using the backup .tar.gz from an old EasySCP installation.
      After unpacking, I overwrote the user *within* the user-root...
      But the unpacking itself overwrote also the user and group from the user-root ITSELF

      Problem was sorted out as I altered in /var/www/virtual my new domains also to their right user and group.
      Feeling a bit stupid, hope it helps another Stupido