How to set up an online live class?

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    • How to set up an online live class?

      Remote learning is trending from the day it was introduced in 1994, but it is in high demand due to pandemic. No one thought before that once a safe and smooth means of learning would be possible. But online live classes have made this possible. And now the learners are getting engaged with education a lot.
      Before looking at the benefits of it, this is very before known about proper methodology about running a class successfully so here we have mentioned the step-by-step method to do this properly. Read ahead to know more:
      • Gather Your Equipment
      Before starting a live class very basic thing that oy have to do is, gather all the tools and equipment like microphone, camera, stand, transcoder and the content guide.
      • Choose a Live Streaming Classroom Platform
      Then a decision on a platform of your choice, first consider your training type and find a relevant platform like Dacast, Panopto, Kaltura, etc.
      • Securing Your Internet Connection
      As online learning is all about smoothness and distance learning, for this a good network connectivity is very necessary.
      • Tailor Your Educational Content
      Create a strategy about topics and facts that how you will explain the concept. As you are being judged more in a live class as compared to the physical classroom.
      After the completion of these important tasks just start your live stream, contact AppSquadz for more assistance and query regarding Online Live Classes.