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  • Prefixes on Subjects

    From now on we will be using prefixes within the board to determine which features already implemented, are planned for a later release, etc.

    These prefixes are primarily for Developers to determine which bugs are severe and the ones that can be dealt with at a later stage.

    These prefixes also give an indication for the contributor in how far his or her bug can be reproduced or if it is a user based error.

    The prefixes:
    • [Confirmed]
      The bug was able to be reproduced and the software development team is currently working on fixing it.

    • [Next release]
      The bug has been fixed and won't come up again after the next software update.

    • [Not related]
      The bug is not related to EasySCP, it might be due to third party scripts and or a wrong configuration on the server side.

    • [Unable to reproduce]
      The team member can't reproduce the bug. More information is required in order to give sufficient support.

    • [As intended]
      The apparent bug is not a bug but is a feature that is meant to function this way.

    • [Already discussed]
      This issue has already been discussed and is able to be found using the board search function.

    • [Browser issue]
      Please update your browser to a more recent version or reconfigure your browser to standard and try to see if the bug persists.

    • [Server issue]
      The bug is based upon a server based configuration or another issue with the contributors server like the missing of attributes for folders and files or a MYSQL based issue.

    • [User issue]
      The issue is based upon the wrong usage or configuration of the server and therefore user based.

    • [Solved]
      The issue has been solved.

    The following prefixes will be used upon decision based upon, which features are planned, under consideration or already implemented and will be used within the suggestion board.
    • [already suggested]

    • [implemented]

    • [short-term]

    • [intermediate]

    • [long-term]

    • [not considered]

    Thank you very much for taking the time and reading through these prefixes.
    the International Support team.