Ran update from 1.14 to 1.15 now panel is missing

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    • Ran update from 1.14 to 1.15 now panel is missing

      After running ./easyscp-update the following step was to login to the panel and complete any upgrades. But on my job the panel was now missing. All websites are working, but if I put panel.websitename.com I see only the blank screen.

      Right clikcing to show the code there is something strange comment.

      Source Code

      1. <!--
      2. Compression level: 7
      3. Original size: 0 kb
      4. New size: 0.02 kb
      5. Saving: -0.02 kb (0 %)
      6. Time: 0.2 ms
      7. -->

      May I request help to debug?
    • Thank you.
      I set DEBUG = 1 in /etc/easyscp/easyscp.conf
      Then rebooted the server too.
      But it did not change.

      Then I watched the log of tail -f /var/log/syslog and noticed it sending email to the local address.

      I find the answer there in the mail message.

      Source Code

      1. =================================================================
      2. Error: The Exception Writer `EasySCP_Exception_Writer_Browser` was
      3. unable to write the following message: The directory
      4. /var/www/easyscp/gui/phptmp must be writable.! Reason: unable to write
      5. file
      6. /var/www/easyscp/gui/themes/default/templates_c/wrt531a34570075d8.07511920
      7. =================================================================

      I checked the permission:

      Source Code

      1. ~# ls -l /var/www/easyscp/gui/phptmp
      2. total 4
      3. -rw-r----- 1 vu2000 www-data 1 Apr 4 2013 empty-file

      Then I repaired this simply and the panel worked again.

      Source Code

      1. :~# chmod g+w /var/www/easyscp/gui/phptmp

      However, is the owner of this file should be vu2000 or www-data on this debian server?

      Thanks again.

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